Pack Poll conducts representative surveys on the campus of North Carolina State University. Most of our surveys poll only undergraduates, while some survey faculty and graduate students. Our goal is to create a researched image of the NC State community. We are a team of undergraduates working under the supervision of the Pack Poll advisor, Dr. Michael Cobb. If you are interested in learning more about Pack Poll, or becoming a member of the Pack Poll team, please contact Dr. Cobb.


Dr. Michael Cobb

Dr. Michael Cobb has been teaching at NC State since 1999, offering several different classes about political behavior. His research explores public opinion about emerging technologies, war, trade, scandals, and judicial elections. Dr. Cobb also conducts original surveys for his own research, for colleagues, for local government agencies, and for private companies.

Meghan Brown

Meghan is majoring in criminology and political science. She is interested in looking at what affects public opinion with a particular interest in opinions regarding criminal justice policies.

Sydney Dougan

Sydney is a sophomore majoring in political science and biology. She is interested in measuring public opinion and understanding why people think what they think.

Jacqueline Gonzalez

Jackie is a junior studying political science with a concentration in American government. She is currently interning at the General Assembly and is serving as a member of NC State’s Student Senate. Currently, Jackie is pursuing research in regards to public opinion and fake news in college campuses. In her free time, she enjoys reading and reality TV.

Matt Kubota

Matt is a senior at NC State studying graphic design and doing research in political science. Through his work with Pack Poll, he is interested in exploring the intersection of data and visual design.

Rebekah Lee

Rebekah is a junior at NCSU majoring in political science with a concentration in law & justice-law & theory and minoring in journalism. Having an interest in politics and public opinion has made her want to actively pursue further understanding of the topic of public knowledge and learn how to conduct and analyze this data with Pack Poll.

Claudia Mesa

Claudia is a sophomore majoring in statistics and economics. She is involved in Pack Poll because accurately measuring public opinion is so important in today’s society. She is interested in the distribution of wealth and social justice.

Devin Miller

Devin is studying statistics with intended minors in economics and political science. She is interested specifically in the polarization of people and parties.

Andrew Morrison

Andrew is a sophomore studying political science and economics with a minor in Spanish, philosophy, and data analytics. He is interested in researching public opinion on marijuana legislation as well as what student opinion on national politics is. He thinks Pack Poll is a very unique organization that lets students learn first hand about polling and public opinion and whether it exists and what it is.

Ryan Proctor

Ryan is a senior in political science with a focus in international relations and has been with Pack Poll for three semesters, having helped create the Pack Poll panel in the Fall of 2013 for comparative analysis.

Jacob Sebastian

Jacob is a sophomore majoring in political science, applied mathematics, and mechanical engineering. This is his first semester being involved with Pack Poll. In his limited free time, he likes to take pictures and get involved in local politics.

Nick Zanzot

Nick is a freshman at NC State and has been involved with Pack Poll since the middle of his first semester. In the past, he managed the website and communication for a 800 person organization in Charlotte, NC. He now manages the Pack Poll newsletter and social media. Nick is majoring in economics and double minoring in political science and religious studies.