Pack Poll conducts representative surveys on the campus of North Carolina State University. Most of our surveys poll only undergraduates, while some survey faculty and graduate students. Our goal is to create a researched image of the NC State community. We are a team of undergraduates working under the supervision of Dr. Michael Cobb. If you are interested in learning more about Pack Poll, please contact Dr. Cobb.


Dr. Michael Cobb

Dr. Michael Cobb has been teaching at NC State since 1999, offering several different classes about political behavior. His research explores public opinion about emerging technologies, war, trade, scandals, and judicial elections. Dr. Cobb also conducts original surveys for his own research, for colleagues, for local government agencies, and for private companies.



Celeste Chapman

Celeste is a junior studying Political Science with a minor in Statistics. Her specific areas of interest are public opinion, media effects, and social class dynamics in the U.S.


Daniel Dulaney

Daniel is a senior studying Statistics and Economics with a minor in Philosophy. He is interested in the intricacies of polling and how we can improve upon our study of public opinion.


J.T. Klimek

J.T. is a senior studying Statistics with a minor in Political Science. He is obsessed with politics and spends most of his free time reading about current events or predicting election results many years into the future.


Emeline McCaleb

Emeline is a junior studying Political Science with a concentration in American Politics. She is interested in the effect that social media has on politics and the spread of information.