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Students and Trump Disagree about how to “Make America Great Again”

It’s not a shock that most NC State students disapprove of Trumps’ job performance, since back in October PackPoll found that only 28% planned to vote for him. So, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find out that NC State Students are overwhelmingly opposed to just about every policy that Trump supports.

To start, only 28% of State students approve of President Trump’s order that temporarily bans refuges from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen from entering the
US.  Opposition might stem from believing immigrants are not an economic threat, since only 22% also aid that “illegal immigrants” take jobs away from Americans.

Next, President Trump signed an executive order on January 23 barring federal funds to International Planned Parenthood Federation and other organizations that perform abortion. Two-thirds (66%) of students, however, say they support federal funding of Planned Parenthood. Further, 69% of students believe abortion should be legal in most cases.

Trump’s pick for US Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, wants to expand charter schools and taxpayer-funded vouchers for private and religious schools, but just 11% of students say they support the choice to attend private schools using public funds.

While 82% of students favor limits on carbon emissions from US power plants aimed at reducing future global warming, Trump policies are likely to go the other way.  President Trump has indicated we should focus our efforts on clean air, claiming that global warming is, an “expensive hoax” created by the Chinese “in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive.” Trump hopes to dismantle the Paris Agreement that brings nations together to combat climate change.

47% of students oppose increasing the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour, which is in accordance with Trump’s hesitation to raise the minimum wage.

Overall, it appears that NC State students will continue to disapprove of Trump’s presidency unless other issues ascend in their importance or Trump and Republicans in Congress reverse course.

A Toplines report for all survey questions, and results, is available here: Big Poll Spring 2017 Toplines

NOTE ON METHODOLOGY: This semesters’ “Big Poll” took place February 14-18, 2017. The survey was administered over the internet to a random sample of 4,500 NCSU undergraduates and 876 completed the survey, generating a 19.5% response rate. Assuming a 50-50 division in opinion calculated at a 95 percent confidence level, the margin of sampling error for this survey is +/-3.25% when questions were answered by the full sample; sampling error increases for estimates when three or more choices were offered, when fewer respondents were asked a version of a question, or when analyzing the opinions of sub-groups, such as when looking just at how females responded to a question.

In addition to sampling error, other forms of non-sampling error occur in surveys, such as confusion about question wording or the order of questions, and non-response bias (low response rates), but these types of error are not precisely quantifiable. We do not apply post-stratification sample weights for the slight demographic imbalance in gender because weighting the data would not have noticeable effects on the results.

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