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Pack Poll – Growing and changing

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As of this semester, Fall 2016, Pack Poll has begun working towards expanding the frequency of our surveys by changing the way we collect our data, in order to more quickly respond to events in our community and to ask about a wider variety of topics. Traditionally, the number of surveys we can get samples for in a given semester has been limited to the concern of overwhelming the student body with surveys. However, after our first poll this semester we will be implementing a survey panel comprising self-selecting participants who will be our sample for the considerable future.

What this means for our readers is an increased frequency and quality of content, as we are able to learn more about our participants from the Pack Poll panel, allowing a deeper analysis to be done on our data.

Along with this change comes many new team members from a variety of disciplines here at NC State. More information about us will come up as the semester continues. In the meantime, we have been burning the candle at both ends in order to get our bi-annual “big poll” ready to go live today in order to give students plenty of time to respond before Fall Break.

In the coming weeks, keep an eye out for our complete analysis of the first poll as well as a series of polling-meta articles, which will highlight popular topics around election time, such as telling a “good poll” from a “bad poll” and even more generally about the responsible consumption of polling data that is often plastered across newspapers, the internet, and television.


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  1. This website is leaning well to the left, I just want the data. Also, if the polling questions are loaded, people give predictabe answers.

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