2016 Elections Information

Thank you for participating in our Pack Poll! We appreciate you taking your time to provide insight on the events in our world. As you may or may not be aware, during the survey you answered a question about where you would vote this November, if you are eligible to vote.

Historically, Talley Student Center was used for the 2012 election as a polling place, but was not in 2014, nor in the 2016 Primaries. However, there has always been a surprising amount of misinformation regarding where you are and are not able to vote, which has become particularly chaotic with all the news about new voting laws.

For those not yet registered, you must register on or before October 14th in order to vote in the 2016 General Election on election day, but same-day registration is still available for those utilizing early voting. For those already registered, there are currently a number ways one can vote in NC, and in Raleigh specifically:

As of September 9th, you can mail in an absentee ballot, which can be requested by filling out the form available here and mailing it in to the state Board of Elections, which must be received by November 1st in order to receive your ballot.

Early voting is available from October 20 – November 5, and to find locations for early voting you can go here and search for sites in your county. If you are registered to vote in Wake County, the closest early voting location for you is likely to be the NC State Creative Services Building, located at the corner of Varsity and Western in the complex attached to McKimmon Conference Center. The address is 1220 VARSITY DR RALEIGH, NC 27606, and parking is available.

Finding your election day polling place is slightly more difficult, as they will vary by precinct, and there are approximately a half dozen precincts in the immediate vicinity of NC State. The easiest way to find your particular polling place is to go here and enter the address you are currently registered to vote at.


  1. I find it disrespectful that you requested to know who I was going to vote for without giving me the option to not respond. Anonymity is limited with Qualtrics and I do not like disclosing information regarding my political affiliations.

  2. I agree with this comment. A lot of the answer choices were worded in such a way that was geared towards the authors agenda.

  3. I assure you your anonymity is completely guaranteed. No data is collected in the survey that could be used to identify you or link your political affiliations back to you in any way. The reason we ask for this data is because it helps us establish relationships and trends in voting and political opinions which allows for a better informed understanding of the hows and whys of the way people decide to vote. You’ll see this is a regular process we have undertaken for going on 6 years, and have never once had issues with personal data.

    That being said, regarding Lauren’s concern, you are correct in so far as some questions you may have been presented offer an “agenda”. Others will not see that question, and instead will see a ‘neutral’ version of the same question. This is experimental design with the purposes of showing the influence framing of issues have upon public perception. If you examine some of our previous work, and academic surveying in general, you’ll find this is a common process and provides valuable information regarding public perception.

    If you have further concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly at rzprocto@ncsu.edu and I will do my best to address them.

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  5. Why troll? Why? You need a better hobby…

  6. If you were so bothered by the questions regarding your political preferences why didn’t you just stop taking the survey?

  7. You can also skip the question

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