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Dating in the Digital Age

0319_OnlineDating_SSCurrently, what is the most used app on your phone? Facebook? Twitter? Tinder? Dating is changing rapidly via dating apps which are right at our fingertips. In a new Flash Poll, NCSU PackPoll set out to discover how social media has changed modes of dating for students.

Before asking about dating apps specifically, we first asked about their experience with social networking in general; most notably on Facebook and Twitter. 14% said they had used Facebook or twitter to ask someone out on a date, with 45% saying they had used the sites to post details or pictures from a date. When asked how they were using social media, 76% of students said they had used Facebook and Twitter to check up on someone with whom they had previously been in a relationship or dated. Finally, this segment found 34% who said they had used the sites to “follow” or “friend” someone who they might be interested in dating. In addition, 79% of students reported that they had used Facebook and Twitter to get more information about someone they were interested in dating.

How many students are using apps specifically for dating? Surprisingly less that one might think. In a world where it seems nearly everyone is meeting online, according to the poll, only 41% of students report using apps targeted at dating. (According to our poll) Among the 15 dating app choices given, an overwhelming 84% of respondents said they had used Tinder. Tinder, although technically a dating app, is often deemed a hook up app. The swiping and matching system to which Twitter users have grown accustomed to has achieved vast popularity among students with 79% of its audience being in the 18-34 year old age bracket. Interestingly, the newer app, Bumble, that boasts in letting women be in charge, is growing in popularity with 14% of respondents saying they have used it. When Facebook is given as a dating app choice, 29% of students report using the site for dating. This suggests, perhaps, people are using traditional networking sites for dating purposes. As an experiment, we gave half of our sample the opportunity to list apps that they had used rather than choosing from a list. Of those respondents, the top two choices were also Tinder and Facebook. While less students are using dating apps than one would think, those who use social media report using social media in many aspects of their dating lives.

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