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Thousands of Students at Risk?

In our latest poll (Oct 20-24), we asked State students about the upcoming election. One question asked them where they planned to vote. Alarmingly, about three in ten students answered, “Talley Student Center.” The problem is that Talley Student Center is not an offered polling location for early voting, or on Election Day. Just as early voting has begun, it is possible that thousands of students who previously could register and vote on the same day at Talley still think they can do this, when both the site no longer exists and same-day voter registration was eliminated.

Since our polls are representative of the NC State undergraduate population, we can estimate how many students might be affected. NCSU has around 25,000 undergraduates enrolled, and 77% of respondents indicated that they planned on voting in this election. If 28% think they can vote in Talley, an estimated 5,500 students might encounter a problem voting. Since survey respondents usually overstate their intentions to vote, it is likely our estimate is on the high side. However, it is clearly possible that hundreds of students could show up at Talley to try and vote early, or even on November 4th.

We also asked students to rate their chances of voting in the 2014 election on a scale of 1-10. While students with lower chances of voting (1-4) were more likely to list Talley as where they would vote, a quarter of those on the high side (7-10) said they planned on voting at Talley. However, students that reported they have given more thought to this year’s election were less likely to report they planned on voting at Talley. Of those that said they had given quite a lot of thought to this year’s election, 18% planned on voting at Talley. Of those that said they had not given much thought to the election, 33% planned on voting at Talley.

Both Hagan and Tillis supporters were almost equally likely to report voting for Talley. Around a quarter of supporters for both candidates indicated that they planned on voting at Talley. There is also no correlation between Party Identification. Both Democrats and Republicans were equally as likely to indicate that they would be voting at Talley.

To make matters worse, a standard search on the NC Board of Elections of various dorm addresses comes up empty. The format for using the NC Board of Elections Polling Place Search is fairly complicated for dorm addresses. If you are trying to look up your polling place for election day, the data entry standard for the NCBOE are 0 NCSU (dorm name here). For example: 0 NCSU North, Raleigh NC 27607. You can also find your polling place by using the NCBOE voter lookup tool. This will look up your voter information and show you where you are registered and where you can vote. That can be found here. You can also text “Poll” to 235246 to find out where you are registered to vote.

Students that live in North Hall will vote at Brooks Avenue Church of Christ. The address for that location is 700 Brooks Ave. Raleigh, NC 27607. Students that live behind Hillsborough St. will likely be voting at Brooks as well.  For students that live in the Trailwood/Lineberry region, their polling place should be: Temple of Pentecost, 2312 Lake Wheeler Rd., Raleigh, NC 27603.

Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that all students that live in dorms on campus will be voting at Brooks Avenue Church of Christ. This is only true for students that live in North Hall. Most residence halls will be voting at Freedom Temple at 615 Royal St., Raleigh, NC 27607.

Make sure to tell your friends that they cannot vote at Talley this election. And most importantly, make sure to tell your friends to vote!

This poll surveyed 1219 students in total. The survey was conducted over the Internet from October 20th-24th, 2014 using Qualtrics survey software. The response rate was 22%. The margin of sampling error for questions in this story is +/- 2.9%. 



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  1. Actually ONLY North Hall votes at Brooks Church. Almost all other dorms vote at a church on Royal St

  2. Hi Gerry,

    I spoke with Ashley Corkwell at Wake County Board of Elections and she told me that all registered dorm addresses would be voting at the church on Brooks. If you have conflicting information I’d definitely like to hear it, however.


  3. Ashley is absolutely not correct

  4. Here’s the map for 01-23 that votes at Freedom Temple on Royal St. You can see that almost the entire campus is in that precinct ftp://wakeftp.co.wake.nc.us/GIS/GISPublic/Precinct_PDFs/Precinct_01-23.pdf

  5. see polling places for 01-01 and 01-23 http://msweb03.co.wake.nc.us/bordelec/downloads/13pollingplaces/PollingPlaceDetails.xls Ashley may have not understood your question

  6. Gary Sims, Deputy Director at Wake BOE has confirmed my list of dorms and polling places is correct

  7. Based on entering each residence hall and apartment address in the Wake County Board of Elections search site, all residence halls and apartments affiliated with NC State University Housing will vote at the Freedom Temple. Residents of E.S. King Village will vote at the Method Community Center and residents of North Hall will vote at the Brooks Avenue Church of Christ.

  8. Thanks for the information, guys. The post has been edited to reflect the changes listed in the comments.

  9. Also, Talley has never been a polling location in non-presidential elections, according to the Wake County Board of Elections. The Temple Freedom has always been the primary voting location.

  10. Tim, we never said that Talley was an election day polling site. It was used in 2012; we are worried that because it was so popular, that students assumed it was permanent.

  11. From David Robinson, Chairman, Wake County Board of Elections: It is my hope that my full response to today’s N&O Under The Dome article will be published forthwith by the N&O. In the interim, please visit our website, enter your first and last names, and select Wake County to view your voting information, including confirmation of your polling place for November 4. ALSO, please note that our Downtown office is also an early voting site and, contrary to a previous N&O article, is much closer to NCSU than the Chavis early voting site. Early voting site addresses and times are also on our website.

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