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State Students Largely Opposed to Amendment One

Although NC State students overwhelming opposed it, NC voters recently approved the North Carolina Same-Sex Marriage Act, also known as Amendment One, on May 8, 2012.  According to the North Carolina Board of Elections, 61% voted for the amendment.  While same-sex marriage was already illegal in NC, the amendment to the state constitution “provide(s) that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this State.”  Thus, it makes not only same-sex marriage constitutionally illegal in the state of NC, but also same-sex civil unions and domestic partnerships.S lesbians, the numbers change only for Republicans. Democrat and Independent students remain supportive of gay and lesbian marriage (92% and 74%, respectively), but just 31% of Republican students support it.

Students With Openly Gay Friends

Widespread support for gay marriage and civil unions among State students seems to be explained by the high percentage of them reporting to have friends who are openly gay.  There is a clear connection between those who know openly gay people and being accepting of same-sex marriages and civil unions.  Our poll finds that 79% of students who have close friends who are openly gay were opposed to the amendment, while only 45% were opposed if they did not have openly gay friends.

This relationship holds even for Republicans, who are the most supportive of Amendment One.  The Pack Poll finds that a majority of Republicans (58%) were against Amendment One if they reported having a close friend who is openly gay.  The percentage opposed to the amendment was even higher among Democrats (93%) and Independents (88%) who have gay friends.


Those Without Openly Gay Friends

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Those With Openly Gay Friends

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